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We have long adored this pale iconic pink wine from Provence, so much so that we decided to create our own. PR has been crafted to bring the atmosphere and flavours of the French Riviera to wherever you are in the world. Rosé is about fun, friends, food and good times.

The case for Pink is simple: fewer barriers, fewer complications and high quality. We spent a great deal of time sourcing a wine that brings the spirit of the Côte d’Azur to you wherever you may be. Versatile and perfectly balanced, its flavours aren’t only about berries and bouquets, but people, places and experiences.

When you think about a glass of chilled pale Rosé, ask for it by name, Provençal Rosé.

Provencal Rosé

A combination of old world knowledge and new world techniques resulting in a multi-award winning delicious Provençal Rosé. Grenache (65%) and Cinsault (35%) grapes are night harvested, with a short maceration followed by gentle pressing, chilled settling and temperature controlled fermentation. The vineyard is characterised by its schistose-clayey soil and an absence of limestone. A microclimate with a daily marine breeze, avoiding cold winters and the risk of frost allows for more moderate year-round temperatures and of course long hot summers.

Our Wine

PR is a multi-award winning Côtes de Provence wine made from the Grenache and Cinsault grapes. The wine has been crafted to harness all the goodness of the Cote d’Azur from sun to soil. Benefiting from cool Mediterranean nights due to its location right on the coast near to St. Tropez.

It can be enjoyed anywhere with anyone; is perfect as an aperitif, or to accompany a vast array of foods from today’s cosmopolitan dining styles. It is a reflection of its long hot summers, outdoor living and dining, quintessential Provençal style, and Mediterranean influences.

That doesn’t mean you can’t drink it in Croydon – in fact we positively encourage it!

PR is a multi-award winning Côtes de Provence wine made from the Grenache and Cinsault grapes.


Provencal Rose 2017

Côtes De Provence

Provençal Rosé is more than simply a wine; it’s a lifestyle.

It brings people together, creates a sense of occasion unique to and a sum of its location, culture and people. From Monaco to St. Tropez, people know how to enjoy life, and they know what really matters.

Rosé is a lifestyle not just a wine

The Latest On The Grapevine

The Rosé world is moving at a fast pace as more and more people discover this iconic pale coloured wine. We have lots of exciting plans for Summer 2017 so keep an eye on this page to find out all about it.

Making Waves

Wine guru Tom Harrow swallows his pride and offers advice on an eclectic range of pinks this season.

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Keep Calm and Drink Provencal Rosé

Is Rosé misunderstood?

There are a multitude of views on whether Rosé gets the credibility it deserves.

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Rosé is not BBQ wine

Rosé is not BBQ wine

Rosé should not be limited to British Summer time only, or to standing in front of the BBQ.

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Rosé Cocktails

Rosé is perfect chilled and served but for an added twist it makes for a fantastic cocktail ingredient.

Blackberry Bellini

100ml cold sparkling rosé (preferably pink prosecco)
A handful of ripe, juicy blackberries
30ml plain vodka
10ml lemon juice
One teaspoon caster sugar

Place the blackberries in a cocktail shaker and muddle – gently squash them – with the back of a long spoon. Add ice cubes, vodka, lemon juice and sugar and shake, then strain into a champagne flute. Top up with cold sparkling rosé.


Blackberry Bellini

Rosé Cooler

100ml rich fruity rosé ( a bright New World label)
20ml raspberry-flavoured vodka
40ml pink grapefruit juice
Chilled cherryade to top up
Maraschino cherry to garnish (optional)

Pour the wine, vodka and juice into a tall tumbler half-filled with ice. Stir gently then top up with cherryade, adding as much or as little as you like (bearing in mind the cherryade is sweet). Garnish with the maraschino cherry.


Rosé Cooler

Sangria In The Pink

100ml fruity rosé, ideally a Spanish rosado
50ml fresh orange juice
10ml brandy
10ml orange liqueur
75ml lemonade
Fresh orange and lemon slices to garnish

Pour all the ingredients, the lemonade last, into a large tumbler with a few ice cubes in it, stir gently and garnish with the fruit slices.


Sangria In The Pink

Kir Blush

125ml dry but fruity rosé wine (try Rhone or Bordeaux rosé), well-chilled
25ml crème de cassis

Pour the cassis into the base of a normal white wine glass, then top up with the rosé.


Kir Blush


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